Run Like a Kid


When I was in Maui for Thanksgiving, I snapped this picture of my friend’s phenomenal  kid. I would like to say that I don’t judge kids but I do. Judging is not what is expected of me since I am a pediatrician. I don’t judge them in a high school, Clueless movie kind of way.  The judgment is actually admiration for the ones that remind me of what it is to be awesome and not bothered with it, the ones that remind me to indulge our free rein, and the ones that remind me to simply let in the madness.  It’s freedom of the soul and mind before it becomes chiseled down with society’s restraints.  This photo represents independence, fearlessness, nakedness and just plain fun.

The largest slip and slide was snugged down onto the grass.  This was not your dry patched, stingy watered slip and slide where the plastic bunches up and blades of green curdle upon your limbs. This was supreme. Each of the kids were in line and ready to propel down. There was hesitation for some but not one was getting out of line.  The oldest kid being 7 and the youngest kid being 3, I could no longer resist it.

I got in line with the rest of them as this was only fair and these are the rules. This is one rule in kid world that translates well into adult world. My heart was sweating and my palms were beating only because of the infinite possibilities that would leave havoc on my body versus the ride itself. I did a nice dive onto my stomach and slip and slide I did. I was less clever than the 5 year old that elevated herself onto her forearms as her helm. Instead, I chose to have no visual guidance as water sprayed into them. As I was nearing the end, I peeked and attempted to slow down but instead rotated into a snail shaped coil. The creators of the mega slide crafted a small pool at the end to accumulate water. Thus, my body decided not to ease into this pool but rail itself off the end and blunder into the grass. As I got up hastily to look for damages, my good friend Eric ,saucer eyed, covers his mouth and points to my chest. I hear Aidas chuckling as I pop my right bit back into my bikini top.
I made sure that there are no other scene stealers lurking.

No big deal. These are my friends. This is my freedom. And Eric can archive that one.