Working Hard To Nap

Why don’t we have siestas?  Or close early once in awhile?  Why has Mexico, Italy and other countries realized the benefit of a little gold nugget called sleep?

I use to feel guilty if I was sleepy at work. Its been ingrained to go, go, go. When in college, I use to break at the dorm for lunch and a quick power nap, not realizing the great benefit it was providing.  Apparently, they look down on this at work. But, do they? They don’t know what I’m doing when I shut my office door.  I could be praying, reading, picking my nose or laying on the floor naked.  However, I rather nap since this benefits me the best.  I’ve found that if I work efficiently and get my stuff done before lunch then I can take a nap.  It’s my hour. Trust me, I never have the whole hour.  But if I get that mere fifteen minutes of mind rest, it’s  amazing how much my energy level is lifted.  Now, only if corporate America would be open to the idea of shut eye break time.  


One thought on “Working Hard To Nap

  1. Apparently there are studies out there who support the idea of taking short naps during the day. I actually had a boss who did that! So close the door and nap away

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