Getting My OM On

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Long like (I did mean like and not live) Eckhart Tolle.  I am embarking on a spiritual journey to get me through my madness.  I’ve taken on one too many projects and goals, including this blog but somehow I don’t mind.  I am happy to have too many trips planned, a handful of small opportunities that lead to bigger ideas, ambitious recipes to be cooked, and a back burner list of  to-do’s to complete.

Therefore, I decided to restart the book A New Earth and I appreciate it more now than when I attempted it a measly three years ago.  I am absorbing the new mantra of the now and seeing that it is all we have.  It’s an amazing book and, truthfully, a difficult one to read.  A few years ago, I had read some parts of it and found it a bit challenging, but, maybe, I wasn’t there yet to get it.  Maybe it’s just a placebo effect.  Some people get into yoga, some attend ashrams and others burn incense.  Since I was exposed to all of this early on, it just didn’t jolt me.  Well, yoga was definitely worthwhile but it was adding to the things to do list.  Besides, words soak into my sulci and makes itself a home there never to be foreclosed.

Either way, it helped me breathe through a nosey manager, trying clients and a potential love interest’s argumentative ways the past couple of weeks.  Yet, I still shouted out profuse profanities at the car changing lanes that almost took me out. I don’t think the monks will be inviting me to breakfast anytime soon, but I will keep working on the inner peace….listening to my breath right now.


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