Just answer the Phone!

No clever writing here…just answer the phone. What could you possibly be doing 30minutes later, let alone when I call you right back!  Lemme get back to my madness then.

Margaret Thatcher died this week.  I don’t really know this woman, her politics, her stand.  My quick update online tells me that she was received with mixed reviews.  I remember her name as a child along with Reagan, nuclear bombs, Gorbachev and Billy Joel singing about it all.  However, when history makers pass away, I remember them in a small memory of my childhood. A name uttered by the nightly news my parents would watch.  And when one of these archives are brought forth out of the recesses of my mind, I never remember how it every got there.  There was never any particular moment where these people impacted me when I was a kid, but now their deaths stop me to reflect now.  Sad as it goes, maybe it’s my own mortal realization, my nostalgic feelings of a time that once was like this or that but probably more just being in my head.  It is all in my head.  If Tony Blair died, I would feel that more since I lived in England when he was prime minister, however, I would be more sad if Paul McCartney died.  It really comes down to how someone you never met has impacted your life.  Tony Blair was cool but Paul McCartney gave me ‘We Can Work It Out’.

And if I had to chose, I don’t think Thatcher would mind if we played that at her memorial service.

Here’s a clip compliments of youtube.com:


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