Working Hard To Nap

Why don’t we have siestas?  Or close early once in awhile?  Why has Mexico, Italy and other countries realized the benefit of a little gold nugget called sleep?

I use to feel guilty if I was sleepy at work. Its been ingrained to go, go, go. When in college, I use to break at the dorm for lunch and a quick power nap, not realizing the great benefit it was providing.  Apparently, they look down on this at work. But, do they? They don’t know what I’m doing when I shut my office door.  I could be praying, reading, picking my nose or laying on the floor naked.  However, I rather nap since this benefits me the best.  I’ve found that if I work efficiently and get my stuff done before lunch then I can take a nap.  It’s my hour. Trust me, I never have the whole hour.  But if I get that mere fifteen minutes of mind rest, it’s  amazing how much my energy level is lifted.  Now, only if corporate America would be open to the idea of shut eye break time.  


Getting My OM On

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Long like (I did mean like and not live) Eckhart Tolle.  I am embarking on a spiritual journey to get me through my madness.  I’ve taken on one too many projects and goals, including this blog but somehow I don’t mind.  I am happy to have too many trips planned, a handful of small opportunities that lead to bigger ideas, ambitious recipes to be cooked, and a back burner list of  to-do’s to complete.

Therefore, I decided to restart the book A New Earth and I appreciate it more now than when I attempted it a measly three years ago.  I am absorbing the new mantra of the now and seeing that it is all we have.  It’s an amazing book and, truthfully, a difficult one to read.  A few years ago, I had read some parts of it and found it a bit challenging, but, maybe, I wasn’t there yet to get it.  Maybe it’s just a placebo effect.  Some people get into yoga, some attend ashrams and others burn incense.  Since I was exposed to all of this early on, it just didn’t jolt me.  Well, yoga was definitely worthwhile but it was adding to the things to do list.  Besides, words soak into my sulci and makes itself a home there never to be foreclosed.

Either way, it helped me breathe through a nosey manager, trying clients and a potential love interest’s argumentative ways the past couple of weeks.  Yet, I still shouted out profuse profanities at the car changing lanes that almost took me out. I don’t think the monks will be inviting me to breakfast anytime soon, but I will keep working on the inner peace….listening to my breath right now.

Just answer the Phone!

No clever writing here…just answer the phone. What could you possibly be doing 30minutes later, let alone when I call you right back!  Lemme get back to my madness then.

Margaret Thatcher died this week.  I don’t really know this woman, her politics, her stand.  My quick update online tells me that she was received with mixed reviews.  I remember her name as a child along with Reagan, nuclear bombs, Gorbachev and Billy Joel singing about it all.  However, when history makers pass away, I remember them in a small memory of my childhood. A name uttered by the nightly news my parents would watch.  And when one of these archives are brought forth out of the recesses of my mind, I never remember how it every got there.  There was never any particular moment where these people impacted me when I was a kid, but now their deaths stop me to reflect now.  Sad as it goes, maybe it’s my own mortal realization, my nostalgic feelings of a time that once was like this or that but probably more just being in my head.  It is all in my head.  If Tony Blair died, I would feel that more since I lived in England when he was prime minister, however, I would be more sad if Paul McCartney died.  It really comes down to how someone you never met has impacted your life.  Tony Blair was cool but Paul McCartney gave me ‘We Can Work It Out’.

And if I had to chose, I don’t think Thatcher would mind if we played that at her memorial service.

Here’s a clip compliments of

Are You Living the Faux Life?

If my friend says that she sucks at life, am I to say otherwise?

I like my friend. She is caring and loyal.  However, I am not here to tell you if you suck at life or not.  I know I don’t suck at life but I am always challenged by it.  If you think you suck at life or whatever, then do something about it.  Finish the application, make the dinner plan, read more, schedule the appointment or whatever it is that will potentially make your life better.  However, in this world of information availability, there seems to be a lack of  culture and properly written grammar/spelling.  I am not referring to commas and quotations marks. I am speaking of the difference of their vs there or hoes vs hos.  I’ve learned that language is a living being and changes, surfs and convolutes.  Yet, Shakespeare’s stuff is still correct even to this day

I did hear the story of what prompted this remark.

To say the least, faux is not pronounced fox.